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Cost saving lamination film

Cost saving lamination film

NO.: 1001 (gloss), 1002 (matte), 1003 (frog matte)
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Lamination films are used for protection from abrasion, chemicals, UV exposure, dirt and destructive weather conditions that can wash the pigment off the print. Overlaminate can stretch the life of the image especially if used outdoors. Also lamination film makes printed materials look more attractive.


Physical properties:


  • Surface film with adhesive and yellow silicon coated liner
  • Film + adhesive thickness: 65±10 microns
  • Liner weight: 80±15 g/m2
  • Liner thickness: 100±10 microns, Single PE
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Roll width: 36`/42`/50`/54`/60 (0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52)
  • Roll length: 50m
  • Storage conditions: 20-25C, 50-60% RH
  • Durability: 2-3 years indoors, 1 year outdoors
  • Cost saving



  • Exterior and interior digital printing media: catalogues, posters, advertising, images etc.


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