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What's New

What's New


New product! Bubble free adhesive

Are you still having hard times getting rid of those annoying little bubbles that appear on the surface once the material is stuck to the surface?

Glory’s Bubble Free stickers will help you to say goodbye to traditional sticker problems.

 Bubble Free Sticker introduction

  1. We have developed special glue, which has excellent permeability and can absorb the bubbles generated by chemical reations and air.
  2. It matches wide ranges of material, even the cheapest KT board. Surface with corrosive chemicals is an exception.
  3. Apart from excellent performance and easy application, sticker has other advantages: 
    • ESD (static electricity ) free, no matter if its water based or eco-solvent
    • No bubbles
    • Easy application
    • Safe, non toxic, and environmentaly-friendly
    • Excellent ink absorbtion


It can not be used under these circumstances:
On the curved, dirty, dusty or irregular surface.